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For over 30 years, we have offered one to four day seminars where people learn and meet Hollywood professionals. We open our contact lists to you. No where else in the world is there an opportunity for this unprecedented access for such a small investment of both time and money.

Sherwood Oaks has started the careers of:

  • James Cameron – Avatar
  • Sylvester Stallone – who filmed Rocky while attending Sherwood Oaks
  • Nancy Myers – It’s Complicated
  • Matt Groenig – Simpsons
  • Paul Haggis – Crash, Million Dollar Baby

and many more have progressed every year into show business. You can view a partial list under our Success Story tab.

See what our students are saying in our testimonials or find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Go to the original “” seminar school called Sherwood Oaks Film School, formerly known as Sherwood Oaks Experimental College

Working Hollywood Professional Seminars on:

  • Agents and managers
  • Producers
  • Hollywood Executives
  • Companies of famous actors
  • Pitching and more..
  • see details and explanation below

What we do:

  • Save you time, save money, meet the best players in Hollywood without the large crowds (check out Close Encounter Classes for only 20 students)
  • We set up all the meetings, all you have to do is attend
  • Provide 4 to 8 guests or separate meetings per day
  • Provide the best ratio of Hollywood professional to student in the industry
  • We create face-to-face relationships that are strong and built to last

Wanting to move forward in this business, a person needs access and insight — meet people who are active NOW in the industry and who can offer insight into what is happening NOW in terms of what’s being optioned/bought, what isn’t, who is making those decisions and what lessons they have learned in the near term that they can pass on to others entering this arena.  These are where seminars/sessions run by Sherwood Oaks.  We offer realistic insight into the industry by people who may become part of your network now or in the future.  In a way this is a reality check for some, and open door for others — it’s not theory, it’s not 3rd party case study or experimental — it is up close and real.

Sherwood Oaks has the best ratio of student to guest per cost of any
Hollywood school.

Our method of creating a win-win relationship with working top Hollywood professionals creates success for everyone!

Under Resource tab, our Accommodations starting at only $60 per day for all expenses (food, shelter and transportation) plus the investment of the seminar starting at $99 per day to $199 for more individual attention.

Select a course to REGISTER or get more details:

  • Agents & Managers
    September 12 – 13, 2016
    Meet at least 10 agents and managers in a close encounter setting.   Every class at least 1 out of 10 gets representation.   Get one step closer toward representation . MeetHollywoodExecs is the only place to get the inside scoop from the actual Top Hollywood Execs. Live in person is where you create lasting relationships and real learning ...


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Please see a short description of the Hollywood speakers (agents, managers, producers, actors’ companies, directors) below.

What you can learn at our classes from working successful Hollywood Producers, Executives, Agents, Managers, Directors, Actors:

  • How producers make decisions
  • How producers, agents and managers chose writers
  • The traits that good writers possess
  • What causes producers to buy scripts
  • Avenues on how a writer transitions to a director directly from the producers’ mouth
  • How producers hire writers for assignments
  • How to get your script to producers without an agent (no representation required)
  • What is happening in the current market from working successful producers
  • Find what is hot
  • Get ideas on how to make your script more commercial
  • What you need to know on how to succeed before writing or sending out your script
  • Inside secrets and strategies to help you succeed in your Hollywood career
  • and much more …

Check out Sherwood Oaks One Sheet Method under the Resources tab – get your script summary to a producer and get it made the Sherwood Oaks way!

Each class, a student gets call-backs, a script optioned or a writing assignment, let the next one be you!

Let Sherwood Oaks move you to the next level!

2015 Classes

September 21 & 22 Producers, Writers, and Managers

2016 Classes

April 11 & 12

Producers, Managers and more

May 19 & 20

Agents and Managers – Get Represented (this class sells out every year)

August/September TBD

Only 4 classes a year!   Plan ahead.  We have run 7 classes independent of Gary Shusett and plan to keep his legacy alive of allowing students genuine access to Hollywood professionals.
Online or Remote Classes coming in the future!!

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Choose Your Style
At Sherwood Oaks, we have different course styles to suit the tastes of different students. Therefore, you will notice when reading the various course descriptions that a style is listed in order to allow you to choose which course best matches your needs and personal preferences. We leave the choice to you. Check out the many varieties of Sherwood Oaks courses.

People ask what is different about agents, managers; producers, directors and companies of actors?

  • Agents & Managers

    They want to find people to represent who typically have won major screenwriting contests or they love your material and your personality. They will talk about what is selling, who they represent and how they work with writers, etc. They want to sell your script. Agents want to sell your scripts fast within a year (Larger agents want it to sell scripts within a few months or at least garner immediate interest). Managers are more interested in developing your script and talent. And there is much more to learn but you have to go to class to find out…

  • Producers

    Producers are looking for material. They prefer represented writers but they will take non-represented writers if they like your one-sheet. They want to get a sense of our personality before they move forward. They must feel comfortable with you. This is why Sherwood Oaks close encounter classes work. They want to make movies and our looking are a hot new script.
    Can it be your script or even better can you be a producer’s next investment?

  • Companies of Actors

    Actors are looking for new material. Actors will create their own production company. This will allow them to find material (hopefully your script). Actors do not want to wait for their agent to give them material but want to see what is out there.

    Actors have different interests and will take on roles if they think that you will help them expand their image and growth as an actor in Hollywood. Often times, they will take on these roles for a lower fee than they normally would. For example, if an actor is known for romantic comedy then they made interested in a drama or thriller. For example, Jim Carrey who is known for comedy, will jump at the chance to star in a drama.

    If they like your writing and have been a semi-finalist at Nicholls then they may want to develop your material. They may want to produce material that they are not in. For example, Will Smith does this and his company often comes to Sherwood Oaks such as This Means War.

    Actors have to keep their resume fresh so may take on a role if they have not worked for a year or two. One of our students, Megan Johnson got financing for $250,000 and made a film in 2011 utilizing a Sherwood Oaks producer and attached some name character actors.

    Before just attaching an actor, we encourage you to attend a class to find out more of the pros and cons. When you have the right actor attached to your project (script), then you can more easily get financing.

  • Directors

    Most directors start as writers. The famous alumni, James Cameron, Sylvester Stallone and Nancy Myers all attended Sherwood Oaks as writers and then became directors. Directors of films run the show. They are in charge. As a film writer, the director will have the final say on your script. Most studios consider the director as one of the most important aspect of the film. We highly recommend attending a director panel or listen to a director to learn what they feel is important and how they became successful and what you need to become successful. It also provides you a future option in your Hollywood career.

In every class, you will learn and meet different people and provide an unique and learning experience that you will not find anywhere else.

We want you to reach your full potential.